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Castle Gardens and Wind River Canyon

Learn to interpret messages in stone from the Old Ones


The Medicine Wheel

High on Medicine Mountain in the Bighorns lies a stone circle in which Spirit resides. Hear the story, feel the spirit.


Wild Horses and Bighorn Canyon

Wild Mustangs, the descendants of Crow and Cheyenne pony herds from the old days, range in the Prior Mountains that shadow the Bighorn Canyon


Mato Tipila - Devil’s Tower

Known to the Cheyenne as Nahkohe Vehe, visit this ancient Sundance Site and understand the things that most visitors don’t even see.


Legend Rock

Petroglyph heaven in the middle of the Wyoming plains


Fetterman Battlefield at Fort Phil Kearney

Come hear how Crazy Horse masterminded victory for his People at the site known to Lakotas and Cheyennes as ' The Hundred In The Hands"



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Extraordinary Native American Tours for people who want to connect with the real Native American Indian Country

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