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Native American Winter Tours




Create the Art of 100 Winters        Feb, 2016                       

Learn Lakota beading & quillwork skills, see Native Art demos and

workshops, visit the Black Hills and Pine Ridge, discuss Native literature,

hear Native flute music, enjoy Native American movies, learn to speak Lakota


Winter Wolf Song         Feb 2016                             

On the Trail of the Wolves of Yellowstone – learn the Native American meaning of the wolf to tribal people and search out wolves in the winter wonderland habitat of America’s Serengeti – the Lamar Valley of Yellowstone National Park.



Native people were always much less active in the winter months of snows and bitter cold, and having spent the spring summer and fall in preparation for the hard Moons Of Sparkling Frost, people of many tribes designated winter as the season to work on their arts, and enjoy traditional stories and teachings.

Are you curious to experience a Northern Plains winter? Would you like to explore the Lakota Art forms of music, hide-work, beading, bow-making, personal adornment and storytelling? Accommodations will be warm and comfortable with facilities on hand for indoor workshops and presentations by renowned tribal representatives. And if weather permits you will also enjoy a series of field trips.

Or does tracking wolves in the winter wonderland of Yellowstone’s Serengeti sound more like your style?  Bring warm clothing and prepare to see for yourself the traditional lands of tribal peoples and the four-leggeds who taught them to survive the inhospitable lands of ice, snow, gesyers and incredible beauty. 

Book both journeys for a great discount.

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Extraordinary Native American Tours for people who want to connect with the real Native American Indian Country

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