Little Bighorn Battlefield:

Learn what really happened from both sides of the Battle of the Greasy Grass

with three different experience options:  

Guided Tours

Duration: 9:30 - 5pm

Understand the true story of what happened at the Little Bighorn from

both perspectives - tribal and military.

Battlefield Horse Rides:

Duration: 8am - 11am

See the Battlefield from where

Crazy Horse and Custer saw it

June 25th, 1876  

Ride and Guide:

Duration - 8am - 6pm

Experience all the Battlefield has to offer in just one day. A morning on horseback, then travel with your guide  

 Indian Monument at the Little Bighorn signifying victory for the Lakota and Cheyenne against Custer

Overview of guided day tours

It is said that history is written by the victors, but the Battle of the Little Bighorn has proven to be the exception to the rule. Some say more ink has been spilled on the epic encounter than blood was on the battlefield, but of the thousands of books and articles, scarcely a handful have been published from Lakota and Cheyenne historians – the descendants of the victors. 

Of course you will have a great time on your tour, but our guide's responsibility is not just to you.
Go Native America guides relate this story for the ancestors, as though the battle participants are standing with you, listening. And their goal is to be sure the story (which cost so many lives) is told in a way that would make those participants nod, and agree that the truth is being told of their actions, deeds and sacrifices.

Overview of Horseback Rides

Don't miss this exciting opportunity; stare out across this sacred Little Bighorn landscape and truly see the terrain as the warriors and troopers saw it on that legendary June day; Custer, Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse - experience the atmosphere on the ground at the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

No experience necessary, but you must wear shoes/boots with heels.

No trainers or flipflops please.

Overview of Ride & Guide

To other tour companies, the mission is simply to have a  few guides learn enough basic information to entertain visitors, load as many mini buses from Billings as they can, and make money.  To us, this is the difference between a tour and a tribal experience at the Little Bighorn.

Ride and Guide gives you it all - the opportunity to ride the battlefield and learn from trial guides who of course know the military history intimately too. Take this opportunity for the ultimate experience and walk back in time to 1876.

Little Bighorn tours, Montana


Apsaalooke tours are great if you want a quick bus ride around the battlefield for a Battle of Little Bighorn summary. But if you want more from your day at the Custer Battlefield NPS site, call us on 307 699 6015. We have been running the very best Little Bighorn tours for 25 years, and we are happy to offer advice about Little Bighorn Battlefield Lodging; Little Bighorn Battlefield Hours; Little Big Horn National Park Camping; Little Bighorn Battlefield Entrance Fees and even the Little Bighorn National Monument Gift Shop (and other great Little Bighorn souvenir options in the area.


The Little Bighorn Battlefield, Montana is possibly the only battlefield site in the US where the monument is dedicated to the losing side. Our tours redress the balance that is so sadly lacking in the official interpretation at the Little Bighorn site. There were never 10,000 warriors at the Little Bighorn, there were never ‘Indians circling the wagons’ like in the Hollywood movies, and although who won the Battle of Little Bighorn is well-known, the Battle of Little Bighorn significance is not.

Come with us and find out the true answers to the searing questions visitors have; what caused the Battle of Little Bighorn, who killed Custer; and how did Custer really die at the Little Bighorn. Perhaps most important… how the ramifications of the fight STILL affect tribal people across the Northern Plains even today?