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IN and out of Billings, Montana. You will hop on the free shuttle to your first night's hotel then meet your group and travel to the reservation camp next morning.



This trip is based on shared tipi accommodation with no single supplement for the arrival and departure hotels.

For sharing prices, please call +1. 307. 699. 6015


Activity Level?

This trip is not a high activity tour, but all participants must be of reasonable fitness and be able to walk uneven paths and to take short hikes.


Packing List?

This will be sent to you upon payment of your balance.


Reading List?

This can be sent to you on request once you have made your booking. You do not have to do 'homework' prior to your trip ...but some people like to.



NDN2rs is deeply concious of our responsibility toward Mother Earth and wherever possible we keep miles to a minimum, energy savings to the max. But you also have to do your part.  Please read our policy on sustainable tourism here.  This also covers our Fair Trade Tibal Tourism mandate.



Did you ever imagine yourself back in the Old Times, living in a tipi camp, using the old tribal ways and traditions to live in balance with the two-legged, four-legged, winged and living and growing ones of the Plains? Here is your opportunity to walk back to those Old Times, led by a traditional Cheyenne spiritual leader and his family, who will guide you in the ways of his ancestors and modern day Cheyenne people.


Get an orientation to camp life – how family groups worked, what each person’s responsibility was within the Circle and find your own place within the camp. Learn to raise a tipi, cook traditional and traditionally derived foods, harvest wild plants and learn their uses, practice Cheyenne Arts; beadwork, etc, and even learn some of the language.


This is immersion at its best with a traditional spiritual leader, and offers a unique opportunity to follow the traditional value-based lifestyle of the Cheyenne.


You will join unforgettable field trips to places that were seminal in the history of the Cheyenne – the Rosebud (learn about the Fight Where The Girl Saved Her Brother), and the Little Bighorn - where the course of events on June 25th 1876 changed history, and life on the Plains forever. Learn what actually happened and why the results of what became known as the Plains Indian Wars still reverberate through contemporary life on reservations today.


Although you won’t have to hunt, you will be cooking traditional foods that will be provided, on an open fire using the old style utensils that native people traded for in the old days. By evening you will hear stories by campfire light, and take the opportunity to discuss the Cheyenne worldview, philosophy and lifeway, and of course to stargaze and learn about traditional Native Star Knowledge.


Please note: The itinerary for this trip is purposely unfettered by ‘time’ because this is not a tour for travelers; this is an experience for the soul. The agenda and activities of this experience will be set by your traditional camp leader, following his intuition and the way he wishes to present his culture to you.


Although there will be much to do, experience and learn, you will also have time for relaxation and contemplation. Please also remember that tipi-living is exactly that – the old way of life – it is not akin to a hotel. Facilities are limited and we cannot offer private tipis to individuals, although we will split dwellings by gender. Dependent on registrations, it may be possible to offer a tipi to married couples/partners.


Arrive:         JUNE 29, 2014 - Billings, MT (BIL)

Please note:     Accommodation for the arrival night IS included in your tour price


Depart:         JULY 6, 2014 - Billings, MT (BIL)

Alternative Dates  

                           Aug 24 - 31, 2014


Cost:           $2295- $2797 per person

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