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Paha Sapa – the Sacred Black Hills

Learn Lakota culture and history in the sacred Black Hills


He Sapa Wakan

Hike to the highest point in the Black Hills, learning Lakota culture


Mako Sica

Visit the moonscape of the Badlands; both Tribal & National Parks


Artisans of the Lakota Nation (not available right now - please call 

Learn about Lakota symbols and colors in art, meet artists in galleries and home studios, and visit their places of inspiration


Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

See for yourself the places on the rez you have read about, enjoy the company of a traditional Lakota guide and pay your respects at Wounded Knee


Mato Tipila - Devil’s Tower

Not all significant Lakota sites fall within modern political boundaries. Run over the state line to visit this ancient Sun Dance site with your Lakota guide.


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Extraordinary Native American Tours for people who want to connect with the real Native American Indian Country

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