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The Rosebud Battlefield:

Cheyennes call it 'The Fight Where The Girl Saved Her Brother'  

Where:                           Decker Road,  north of Sheridan           

Meeting Place:             Rosebud State Park car park  

Tribes:                             Lakota Cheyenne                                         

Activity level:                Some walking - must be able to hike  

Duration:                        approx 6 hours                                              

Cost:                                $495  


As dusk fell on June 16, 1876, the forces that would converge on the Rosebud were only thirty miles apart, but in philosophy and origin were separated by an ocean. On June 17, 1876 as they met next morning, Crook’s command would outnumber the Lakota and Cheyenne by almost two-to-one. Looking across the vast sweep of the field, and viewing the terrain as Crazy Horse and Crook saw it that June day, hear the extraordinary military and tribal stories of the precursive battle to the Little Bighorn. The hills and rocky outcroppings overlooking Rosebud Creek were the setting for one of the most intense battles ever waged between Indians attempting to retain their cultural way of life, and the United States Army who were enforcing an edict from Washington.


About Your Day  

  • Take the grassy path that leads through the valley toward the Old Buffalo Jump. See chokecherries and wild plums - staple foods of the Old Ones as you explore the area. 

  • Hear of the stories of the battle’s participants who were involved in a titanic struggle, which lasted more than 6 hours and encompassed an area over ten square miles.

  • Hear about General Crook and Crazy Horse as you survey the terrain with your guide at this, the Battle of the Rosebud which symbolizes the Indians’ first stiff resistance in the Sioux War of 1876. 

  • Hear the story of how on June 17 went down in Cheyenne history as one of outstanding bravery – the story of the Fight Where the Girl Saved Her Brother was an event of cultural magnitude and inspiration which still resonates in the present day culture of the Cheyenne people.

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