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Pre-tour information 

Go Native America has a uniquely relaxed mode of travel and exploration... 

And we know that is part of what brings so many of our tour members back to journey with us multiple times.   

We run our groups exactly the way you'd want to travel independently if you only knew the people, places and stories we know.

No huge buses, no 0’Dark-30 starts (unless we are looking for wolves or another special reason) no hour-by-hour timetables...


If you have ever heard of the concept of Indian Time you will probably know there are many professional Indian people for whom punctuality is all, but for many that Indian Time is a state of being where things only happen when they happen.

It's centuries old, and you can't change it, so join us, but please, take off your watch, sit back and relax.


We have been organizing and running tours in Indian Country for two decades. We work hard to be sure you have an amazing experience, and we are dedicated to guiding you culturally as well as geographically. Go Native America tour members do not have to worry about the ethics and policies of their Native American tour - we make sure all activities are ethical, fairly traded and conducted in accordance with tribal etiquette.   We have long experience of doing the right thing and had already been operating on a fair trade basis for many years before the current crop of watchdog organizations started up. In fact, we have even advised some of them as to the unique issues of Native American Tribal Tourism.


For information about Native America click here

For information about how we run our tours, click here




Most Go Native America tours are not hugely physical, but they are adventurous, enlightening and fulfilling.

Think outside of the box, and make the most of your time in Native America.

Because most people want to use every moment to experience as much as possible on our tours, we often don’t return to hotels until later evening, we don’t keep set mealtimes, and we stay flexible; we might take a different back road, spend longer with a tribal community member, or stop to photograph wildlife or a great sunset moment. Be adventurous and make the most of each and every opportunity as it arises.

Although you are travelling with a small group, don't lose your sense of self. It is fine if you don’t want to explore trading posts, galleries, historic/cultural sites or museums glued to other tour members – you traveled with Go Native America because you are less of a pack-animal and more of an individual, right?

Whether we are traveling site to site in the tour vehicle or out exploring, we ask everyone to please respect fellow travelers; all have come to enjoy the unique experience and tranquility of the world of Native America. Allow the guide to create his own atmosphere when, for example, telling stories.


Everyone should be careful not to interrupt with questions. Your guide will leave plenty of time for taking questions when s/he has finished their explanation. Please don't interject with personal stories (since this inevitably changes the direction the guide is taking the conversation) and please remember that apologizing for interruptions does not delete them from other people’s experience. We have a lot of fun on our trips, there is a lot of interaction, discussion and debate. But sometimes we learn by listening to the silences.


We promote a 'leave no trace' philosophy by keeping to existing trails and disposing of waste responsibly and so we ask that you respect the natural environment and the local people you encounter along the way.

** Please note Terms and Conditions are progressively updated. Contact Go Native America for the most current versions.

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Extraordinary Native American Tours for people who want to connect with the real Native American Indian Country

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