top of page is delighted and honored to work with an amazing number of cultural representatives and interpreters each of whom contributes in unique ways to Go Native America journeys to enrich your experience.


We often use the phrase ‘a foot in each world to describe our traditional guides in this modern world… and in the case of some guides it is quite literally true. Utilizing the skills of an anthropologist, the stories they have studied are often from their own family histories, and it is often their own great-grandfathers that you so often see in historic sepia photos.


All of our guides offer stories of the past and the present, their family history and tribal history and their thoughtful narratives place them in great demand as guides and educators.


And beyond that you will find our guides offer insights from many areas of expertise: among them are musicians, native flute players, ceremonial people, powwow dancers, storytellers, historians and even a native lapidary, geologist and hydrologist! Many speak their tribal language fluently, hold multiple degrees, and in addition to a Master silversmith, we even have a guitar-toting Lakota rap artist.

Go Native America Guides

This company is renowned for our commitment maintaining a team of all-indigenous, well-paid guides. Why?

Because we believe the skills, knowledge and/or qualifications held by our guides are easily comparable with the skills necessary for any other profession. Our guides offer experiences our tour members cannot create for themselves, but due to adverse seasonal weather in some areas, guides can only work 3-6 months of the year.


Whatever your interest, we can help.

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Featured on the Travel
Featured on the Travel
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