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Little Bighorn Battlefield

Some say more ink has been spilled on this epic encounter than blood was on the battlefield, but of the thousands of books and articles, scarcely a handful have been published from Lakota and Cheyenne historians – the descendants of the victors. So come hear and see for yourself. This link will take you to our dedicated Little Bighorn Tours website.


Little Bighorn Rides

Take the opportunity to ride horseback where Crazy Horse and Custer rode. There is no finer way to see and experience the battlefield. This link will take you to our dedicated Little Bighorn Tours website.


Deer Medicine Rocks

Its 1876, and the Lakota chief Sitting Bull has a vision of soldiers tumbling dead into his camp. Here at this sacred place, his vision of victory at the Little Bighorn is carved into the stone


Rosebud Battlefield

See the Place Where the Girl Saved Her Brother on a day that went down in Cheyenne history as one of outstanding bravery


Northern Cheyenne Reservation Tour

Visit the Cheyenne whose culture is complex, deeply spiritual and beautiful, hear how traditional people have retained their ways and the Tsistsistas language is still spoken


Discover Powwow - Northern Cheyenne Powwow: July 3rd-5th, 2020
Travel to a tiny reservation tucked away in southeastern Montana and discover that POWWOW is one of the central cultural events for Cheyenne tribal people. The Fourth of July Powwow is one of the highlights of the Cheyenne year and the powwow grounds come alive as families gather to celebrate and dance together.  During your three days you will visit the Northern Cheyenne reservation, the Little Bighorn and the sacred Medicine Wheel in the Bighorn Mountains.

Discover  Powwow - Crow Fair: Aug 14-16, 2020

Crow Fair holds the reputation as the largest traditional outdoor powwow on the Plains. Its other claim to fame is as the Tipi Capital of the World, and when you arrive and view the camp surrounding the powwow arbor, with thousands of tipis and bustling families living the way of their ancestors, you'll feel like you walked back a few miles... in time! 

Discover the Little Bighorn: June 19-21

All Discover Tours run Friday through Sunday. Please plan to arrive in the area by Thursday evening and leave Monday morning.

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