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Mato Tipila  Devils Tower:

Known to the Cheyenne as Nahkohe Vehe, visit this ancient Sundance Site  

Visit Mato Tipila - Bear Butte - ancient Sundance site of the Lakota Sioux


Native American star knowledge teaches the concept that what is on earth is merely the reflection of the real world in the sky; sites that are important within the Lakota world are directly related to constellations. Convene with your Lakota guide at one of the most sacred of those earthly venues; Mato Tipila (Devils’ Tower) to learn that this is not simply an giant, awe-inspiring obelisk of granite jutting forth from the ground for the benefit of rock climbers – this place has deep spiritual significance and historical record to seven different Plains cultures. And as you walk the circle in the shadow of the Great Bear who created the defining features rising before you, ancient knowledge supersedes modern science and the ethereal transcends the literal.


About Your Day  

  • Hear the tribal explanations of the Lakota, Cheyenne, Kiowa, Shoshone, Arapaho, Crow and Pawnee.

  • Learn of the history of this area as a Sun Dance site

  • Among the grassy meadows of this idyllic venue hear the story of the Racetrack and understand the true relationship, and the compact of survival between the buffalo and the People.

  • Enter the Circle as you hike the base of the Bear's Lodge with your tribal guide.

Where:                           Nr Sundance, Wyoming                                   

Meeting Place:             TBA  

Tribes:                             Lakota Cheyenne, Pawnee, Shoshone           

Activity level:                Very easy  

Duration:                        9 am-4.30pm                                                            

Cost:                                $450  

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