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Legend Rock:

'Petroglyph Heaven' in the heart of the Wyoming Plains  

Where:                              Thermopolis, Wyoming                

Meeting Place:              Cody, Wyoming    

Tribes:                              Arapaho Cheyenne Shoshone     

Activity level:                 Some walking  

Duration:                         approx 6 hours                                 

Cost:                                 $425  


Legend Rock is Petroglyph heaven! Witness the visual interpretation of the Creation and Emergence set on a rock face, deep within the mists of time. The images in stone are messages from another place, people and era, and you will learn to transcend archeological common wisdoms, and interpret according to sacred, shamanic, and cultural knowledge. The experts call this a Proto-Shoshonean art site, but separated from that, we peel back the layers of academic misrepresentation and find that within the boundaries of the rock art site known as Legend Rock exists a story… In the time where there was nothing but water, a man walked on the water for four day and four nights, carrying a Flat Pipe, trying to protect it and weeping and fasting. He called to the four directions for land, then he called forth seven cottonwood trees and the creatures of the air and of the sea. The Turtle said that there was land at the bottom of the ocean, so the Man asked the animals if they could dive down and find it and a series of creatures dived for the land. Six dives failed. But before the seventh dive is made by Turtle( in the company of the Man), he ritually moves the Flat Pipe four times, touches it to his body a fifth time, then succeeds in bringing up a sod of earth for the Arapaho. The Man then dried the earth, then cast it in four directions (southeast, southwest, northwest, and northeast) and the Earth was created… Learn of this graphic representation of the creation explanation held by the Arapaho, Cheyenne and their Algonquin kin.


About Your Day  


  • Legend Rock Petroglyph site is remote and easily missed on the Wyoming plains, but when you arrive with your indigenous guide you will find a wealth of tribal history for those interested in messages from the Old Ones, and their meanings.  

  • There is a small visitor center at the site, but the bulk of your day will be spent in conversation with your guide as he explains tribal perspectives, history and culture; helping you to make sense of the images you see before you.

  • Please bring water - the walk is not long, or strenuous at all, but Wyoming gets pretty hot in the open summer.

Visit Legend Rock with Go Native America to understand the real messages from the Old Ones
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