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Grand Canyon and the Hopi:

Supapuni and the very beginning.  

Learn the Hopi Origin Story with Go Native America at Grand Canyon

Where:                             Grand Canyon, AZ             

Meeting Place:                Usually Flagstaff, but can be changed  

Tribes:                                Hopi                                       

Activity level:                   Some walking, but pretty easy  

Duration:                            9am until done                   

Cost:                                   $Pls CALL 


The Grand Canyon is a deeply sacred site to several tribes in this southwest region, including the Hopi, Zuni, Hualapai, and Havasupai. Many Hopis identify the Grand Canyon as the location of the Supapuni, the place of emergence into this, the Fourth World. The Grand Canyon is also associated with the home of Massaw, the Hopi guardian of the earth. One of the traditional rites of Hopi men was to take the Salt Pilgrimage to Grand Canyon from the Hopi Mesas. The spiritual significance of the canyon is part of the fundamental, spiritual tapestry of the Native peoples of the region.


About Your Day  


  • Drive through desert lands to the Grand Canyon

  • Your Hopi guide wil take you to each of the look-out spots on the Grand Canyon View Road, but you day will be full of conversation about the Hopi people their emergence to this earth, their ways and traditions and what the Land means to them.

  • Have lunch at oe of the Grand Canyon eateries and enjoy hearing stories of the Hopi Old Ones. Ask your guide about his connection to Alcatraz - you will get a very interesting answer.  

  • Hopi Art is sold everywhere through this region. All Hopi Art has it's origins in the sacred, but did you know that often Native American pieces you buy will usually have a slight imperfection that enables them to be sold commercially? Your guide is an expert when it comes to NAtive Art and if you are looking to make that special purchase, his advice will be invaluable. Don't miss Hopi House, and there may even be a demonstration dance going on.

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