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Discover Wind River:

Wild, stark, mountainous, emerald-studded with culture, history and stories for your unique three-day getaway  

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Stay a while in Wyoming on the beautiful Wind River Indian Reservation where Native American culture, and tribal history fascinate visitors who have curious minds.

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Day 1 -

Day 2 -

    Where:                   Wind River Indian

    When:                     May - Oct.  Call +307 699 6015 for availability

    Tribes:                     Shoshone and Arapaho

    Duration:                3 Day Getaway

    Tour Fee:                 $1695 (ex.accommodations/ground transport)

                                     NOTE: For a customized, all-inclusive package please call to discuss your preferences and pricing.

    Meeting point:      Usually Cody, WY, but Riverton, WY is also possible.

Please note: Your tour fee covers guiding only. Up to four people may travel on this tour for the base price, additional adult travelers beyond 4 pay a supplement of $225 per person.
8 or more people is considered a group, and special group pricing applies - please call for information.

Dated small group Discover Tours are also available (accommodation and ground travel inclusive.) 

Please email the office for dates and prices at

Day 3 -

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Extraordinary Native American Tours for people who want to connect with the real Native American Indian Country

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