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Discover Hopi:

Its all Indian Country -  culture, history and wildlife on a three-day getaway  

The Hopi culture is one of the oldest cultures on this continent. The Bear Clan were the first to reach the place where the blue corn grows and settled at Oraibi, possibly the oldest continually inhabited settlement in the United States.  “l have washed away the footprints of your Emergence', a holy one, Sotuknang, reminded the Hopis, 'but the day will come if you preserve the memory and meaning of your Emergence, when those stepping stones will appear again to prove the truth you speak.


Visit the dusty windswept pueblo of Old Oraibi which, perched on the edge of Third Mesa, dates back to 1150. Many fascinating stories are told of the history of this village. Although once the largest of the Hopi villages with a population of more than 800, when a major dispute occurred in 1906 between two chiefs, You-ke-oma and Tawa-quap-tewa, instead of settling through violence, the leaders staged a very unique contest, and the loser left with his faction to establish Hotevilla four miles away. Hear the story and learn why a quarter mile north of Oraibi a rock is carved with the inscription: "Well, it have to be done this way now, that when you pass this LINE it will be DONE, Sept. 8, 1906."  Buy and try piki bread – an intricately made staple of the Hopi takes several days to make from scratch and the method of is passed down from mother to daughter – being able to produce Piki is part of the rite of passage into womanhood for young Hopi girls. Visit what is probably the finest single rock art site in the southwest with over 12,000 petroglyphs at Taawa Canyon - a rock art site which is off limits to the casual tourist, 

The Grand Canyon is the Hopi Place of Emergence - visit with Go Native America
Blue corn traditional Hopi dry farming - visit with Go Native America
Traditional Hopi Dances - visit with Go Native America

Day 1 - Grand Canyon - a deeply sacred site to several tribes in this southwest region, including the Hopi, Zuni, Hualapai, and Havasupai. Many Hopis identify the Grand Canyon as the location of the Sipapuni, the place of emergence into this, the Fourth World. The Grand Canyon is also associated with the home of Massaw, the Hopi guardian of the earth. One of the traditional rites of Hopi men was to take the Salt Pilgrimage to Grand Canyon from the Hopi Mesas. The spiritual significance of the canyon is part of the fundamental, spiritual tapestry of many Native peoples of the region.

Day 2An especially fascinating day on the Hopi Mesas, where you experience the secluded raw beauty of ancestral cultures; progenitors of tribal perspectives on human existence and survival! Today you will explore Third Mesa, touring the ancient Old Oraibi and hearing the stories of life in this largest of the Hopi villages, including the Oraibi spilt and the fascinating Big Push. You will stand before Taawa Canyon, a rock art site which is off limits to the casual tourist but is probably the finest single rock art site in the southwest with over 12,000 petroglyphs and witness ancient petroglyphs that interact with the sunlight to mark the equinox and solstice, acting as solar calendars.  Your guide will take you at a relaxed pace to visit these special places, all the while offering explanations and local tribal perspectives that you cannot find in books.

Your guide is a traditional Hopi who is steeped in his culture and will guide you culturally as well as geographically. You will have heard there are rules and etiquette to be followed on the Mesas - no photography, etc, and your guide will help you navigate the expectations of your host nation as you learn about their cultural ways.

Day 3Meet your guide after breakfast at the Cultural Center and today you will begin to see Hopi Art placed into a cultural context with special explanations from Hopi artisans regarding Katsina dolls and their integral place in the culture and spirituality of Hopi people.

Learn about the craft of Hopi silver overlay – the distinctive style of silver jewelry made in the home studios of many local Hopi silversmiths across the Mesas (you have the option to buy direct from the artist if you wish.)

At supper in the Cultural Center with your guide, you can sample traditional Hopi blue corn foods while discussing Hopi lifeways and customs.

    Where:                   The Hopi Mesas, AZ

    When:                     April - Nov.  Call +307 699 6015 for availability

    Tribes:                     Hopi

    Duration:                3 Day Getaway

    Tour Fee:                 $1295-1695 depending on your guide (ex.accommodations/ground transport)

                                     NOTE: For a customized, all-inclusive package please call to discuss your preferences and pricing.

    Meeting point:      Usually Tuba City, AZ, but this is negotiable..

Please note: Your tour fee covers guiding only. Up to four people may travel on this tour for the base price, additional adult travelers beyond 4 pay a supplement of $225 per person.
8 or more people is considered a group, and special group pricing applies - please call for information.

Dated small group Discover Tours are also available (accommodation and ground travel inclusive.) 

Please email the office for dates and prices at

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