Frequently Asked Questions

About Day Tours  

What should I bring on a Go Native America Day Tour?

This depends on the tour and the time of year, but certainly you need comfortable shoes, hat, sunscreen and water. Spring and Fall tours may require a sweater and fleece.


Who can go on Go Native America Day Tours?

Anyone who is interested in the history and cultures of Native America!

Please note we have specific tours that are suitable for 14 and under. We do not recommend you bring young kids on tours that may be heavy on history or cultural explanations. Please choose carefully, or contact us for assistance.


When do Go Native America Day Tours take place?

On the Northern and Great Plains mainly from May 1st to October 31st. In the Southwest, usually year round except Christmas and New Year.


What time do Go Native America Day Tours start?

Typically day tours start around 9 – 9.30am. Some can be arranged at specific times to your convenience or around arranged events.


What kind of weather can I expect?

The weather on the Plains in the summer is balmy in the spring, hot in the summer and beautifully crisp in the fall. Of course with climate change we can’t rely on past records any more, but to get a forecast, please go to and you can pinpoint the place of your tour on the map for very accurate estimations for the coming week.  


Can my guide drive for me?

Our tours are step-on so our guide travels with you. If you don't have a vehicle or prefer not to drive, please discuss with the office upon booking.

We can arrange convenient rental vehicles, which your guide can drive for you, but only if the vehicle is fully comprehensively insured and your guide is covered against all liablities.


Can I book Go Native America Day Tours in other languages than English?

No. Our tours are only in English.

What about food?

We recommend that our tour members are well hydrated and have eaten a complete breakfast. You will usually have opportunity to stop for lunch on the tour, and we will let you know ahead of the tour if that option will not be open to you and you need to bring a packed lunch.


What is included?

Go Native America Day Tours offer guiding only. Our guides are very experienced and knowledgeable and will ensure you have an excellent experience. We do not include food, or entrance fees.


Are pets allowed on Go Native America Day Tours?

Because our guides are ‘step-on’ and travel with you in your vehicle, it is your choice whether to travel with a pet. However, if you plan to bring a pet we must know in advance.

Please know that many of the areas you will be visiting do not allow pets out of vehicles which can be very restricting on your tour, and our guides are instructed to discontinue any tour should your pet be left in a vehicle, since even with the windows cracked, summer temperatures can cook an animal in a very short time. We will be delighted to help you with information on local animal daycare facilities.


Are you wheelchair accessible?

Some tours are suitable for wheelchair access, but if you have any physical disability, please discuss with the office before you chose and book your tour.


Will I see wildlife on my tour?

That one is usually down to the Creator and the time of day. The Four-leggeds and Wingeds have their own schedules and we cannot guarantee anybody a sighting of any particular species, although there are some four-leggeds we can usually find for you.

​What if it rains?

If possible we will try and reschedule if your tour contains elements that are sensitive to weather, but generally we go in rain or shine.

Will my cell phone work?

Be prepared for very spotty service, and if you are bringing your phone from outside the US, expect some big bills.

Bear in mind that you are traveling more remote areas and Indian Reservations both of which are notorious for lack of cellular communications. If you are the designated driver, please refrain from texting or calling while our guide is traveling with you in your vehicle.


Can I do more than one day tour?

Of course, but if you plan to string multiple tours together, please call the office for advice on what will work as per mileage and guide availability.


Can I hire the guide exclusively?

Yes. Most guides work exclusively for tours. Please contact us if you want a custom tour of multiple days so we can help with the best options available for you. 

And if you want to keep costs to a minimum check out our brand new DISCOVER NATIVE AMERICA tour series  where you can go privately or join a group for a 3 day getaway. 


Can I bring my kids?

Depends on which trip. The information load on some Go Native America Day Tours is high, the road travel is great for adults who want to relax and unwind, but active kids don’t usually enjoy that aspect of the journey. But if you are planning to take the family on a custom adventure you will all have a great time – the activities are designed to cater to the whole family and we welcome kids with open arms.


What are your policies on smoking and drinking?

Please, no smoking in the vehicles or during talks from speakers; please be thoughtful towards your guide.

Alcohol – Many reservations are ‘dry’ so we ask you to respect the wishes, traditions and ordinances of the tribes regarding alcohol on their lands. Additionally, since our guide is riding ‘step-on’ with you in your vehicle we of course insist that the driver is fully fit and legal to drive!