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Where:         Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota

When:           Tour Not Currently Available

Tribes:          Cheyenne, Lakota, Shoshone, Crow, Intertribal


Yes, please call 307 699 6015 for more information



DAY 1   (Tues 12th Aug) Arrive Billings, MT (BIL) and shuttle to your hotel for a relaxed evening prior to the commencement of your journey into native cultures.


DAY 2    (Wed 13th Aug)

Yellowstone Is Indian Country: Experience the American Serengeti in ways most folks miss. As we journey into the realm of the bear on this unique tour we explore the physical and spiritual significance of the bear to the Plains Indians! The bear appears in tribal stories of ceremony and Creation where there are tribal songs that celebrate him, the People have learned about strength and healing from him and his speed and agility has taught and inspired hunters and warriors.So we hear those stories, and entering the bear's domain we learn of his life, his power, the gifts he brings to the people. We learn how to walk in his tracks, to see his shadow and consider how the two-legged can live in ecological harmony with the Nakoh, the bear and other four-leggeds.

Stay: Cooke City, MT


Day 3    (Thurs 14th Aug)

Yellowstone National Park sits atop a Super Volcano. Some say the Caldera is overdue to erupt by 40,000 years, geologists say that estimate is wildly off, but acknowledge that its presence helps sell books and movies. Undisputed however, is that in this region there are more than 10,000 geothermal features – a greater concentration than anywhere else on the planet. Today we travel south to see the famous Old Faithful and learn how and why she blows. Just as the human beings and the buffalo share an ancient compact, so too do the wolf and the buffalo, and the wolf and the humans. The wolf taught many to hunt, and would call others to share the bounty. The wolf is revered in Cheyenne and other Plains cultures as a teacher, to the extent that the scouts of the people - those who guide, those who bring warnings and messages - are referred to as “wolves. Within Cheyenne culture, the Bowstrings Military Society members have an ancient connection to the wolf. Join the Trail and learn why the Bowstrings are called "Wolf Soldiers", and the leader of the society, the "Wolf Chief.

Stay Pahaska, WY


Day 4    (Fri 15th Aug)

Today we enjoy the uniquely western town of Cody, Wyoming, beginning at the Plains Indian Museum the Buffalo Bill Historic Center, known as the Smithsonian of the West where we absorb the historical artistry of Plains Indian Tribes in patterns, color and exquisite craftsmanship. We take a little time for shopping in Cody’s boutiques and unique western stores before we head to the spectacular Bighorn Canyon in search of the thundering hooves of Wyoming’s Wild Mustangs. Watching the herd, we hear of interactions and watch behaviors between these the descendants of the Cheyenne and Crow Pony herds of 1890. On our way to Sheridan, WY the conversation turns to Powwow. “Why does the music stop suddenly? What happens if a feather falls to the ground? How do the dancers know which dance to do? And why do they suddenly freeze? The audience seems to be up and down on their feet, should I be too?” This evening we explain powwow etiquette and learn about the music, dances and dancer’s regalia in anticipation of our Powwow experience through the weekend.

Stay: Sheridan, WY 


Day 5    (Sat 16th Aug)

“The Crow country is a good country. The Great Spirit has put it exactly in the right place; everything good is to be found there,” said the Crow chief Arapooish, and on this journey you will discover what he meant as you are up early to witness the Crow Nation Parade which has its roots in the ceremonial method by which The People Move The Camp

and which is tribal showmanship at its best. Then on to Crow Fair, Tipi Capital of the World, where thousands of tipis line the Little Bighorn River for arguably the most exhilarating powwow on the Plains. What began as an invitation from the Crows to the Northern Cheyenne to foster better relations continues to this day as a celebration of Native culture and pride, wrapped in a cascade of colors from traditional dress, song and dance.

Stay: Sheridan, WY 


Day 6    (Sun 17th Aug)

With our guide, we follow Crazy Horse and Custer, White Bull and White-Man-Runs-Him across the hallowed ground of the Little Bighorn Battlefield. This is an amazing opportunity to see the terrain as the warriors and troopers saw it on that legendary June day. Myths and reinventions abound at this infamous site, but we stand where the warriors stood to understand both the military and Indian perspectives from the most famous battle in Western history. Was it really ‘Custer’s Last Stand’ or were the circling warriors a product of the Hollywood imagination? Why do historians still say there were 10,000 warriors on hand to fight Custer when that was culturally impossible? This is no dry museum-style battle narrative about who was where and when, this account makes cultural sense of why this clash happened, what happened to Indian people as a result, and what lasting effects remain to this very day. Returning to Crow Fair late afternoon, we witness one of the greatest spectacles of Indian pageantry on the Northern Plains –

Grand Entry at Crow Fair.

Stay: Sheridan, WY


Day 7    (Mon 18th Aug)

Today we drive east toward the 1300 ft stone obelisk known in the mainstream as Devil's Tower. But there are no devils at this ancient Sun Dance site. We will meet our Lakota guide for explanations of ‘Mato Tipila’, the Bear’s Lodge. Your local guide is fluent in his native language, so today you have opportunity to learn to communicate in Lakota! He is an accomplished native flautist and he might even pull out his guitar and sing rap songs in his Lakota language for you. Hear his stories and explanations that tell the history and cultural connotations of the rock and its relationship to the Star Nations.

Stay Rapid City, SD


Day 8      (Tues 19th Aug)

Into the sacred Black Hills, or Paha Sapa, with your guide who will begin most appropriately at the place of the Lakota genesis – Wind Cave, in the Custer State Park. Hear the story of the Lakota Creation, then later amid the vast pine forests and grassland scented with cedar and sage, where dragonflies and butterflies dart over purple echinacea blooms, yellow sweet clover, blue spiderwort flowers, we search for buffalo as you explore this most beautiful and spirited area of the Black Hills. Hear authentic Lakota cultural and historical explanations as they have been passed through families over generations, and relax and enjoy as your guide’s Native flute melodies float across the gentle He Sapa winds …just as they have for centuries.

Stay Pine Ridge, SD


Day 9     (Wed 20th Aug)

Pine Ridge Indian Reservation! Experience the realities of the modern day reservation life, visit the site of the calamitous events at Wounded Knee in 1890, and as you travel around the reservation, learn how the old-time traditions and present-day life melds into the current Lakota lifeway. Local Lakota artists explain their cultural influences and the historic origins of the work, as well as the modern influences and paradigm of reservation life.

Stay Pine Ridge, SD


Day 10    (Thurs 21st Aug)

Today’s destination will be Mako Sica. When you reach the Badlands, you could just as well have reached the moon! The rugged striped terrain and lack of water led native people to call it Mako Sica (Mako means bad, Sica means land) but still this land became a place of refuge for those with the right survival skills and was known as the Stonghold after the 1890 Massacre at Wounded Knee. Moving beyond the National Park interpretations of this strange land, we explore the tribal badlands and visit the White River Center. After a supper of what has become a modern tradition amongst Native people – Frybread, we spend our last evening beneath the stars hearing stories of the Old Times and learning about Lakota Star Knowledge.

Stay Rapid City, SD


Day 11      (Fri 22nd Aug)  

Departing Native America from Rapid City Regional Airport

  Tour Highlights 



Yellowstone National Park - Obsidian Cliff, Old Faithful, buffalo viewing, wolf waching...

Chief Joseph Highway

Plains Indian Museum

Wild Mustangs

Northern Cheyenne, Shoshone and Arapaho Reservations

Legend Rock Petroglyphs





See below



This trip is based on single room accommodation with no single supplement.

For sharing prices, please call

+1. 307. 699. 6015


Is camping available?

No. This trip is well priced for the activities and accommodations that are included, but there are some later activities included and no-one liske to pitch tents in the dark. Plus, remember Yellowstone is one of the  last grizzly bear habitats in the US.


Activity Level?

This trip is not a high activity tour, but all participants must be of reasonable fitness and be able to walk uneven paths and to take short hikes.


Packing List?

This will be sent to you upon payment of your balance.


Reading List?

This can be sent to you on request once you have made your booking. You do not have to do 'homework' prior to your trip ...but some people like to.



Go Native America is deeply concious of our responsibility toward Mother Earth and wherever possible we keep miles to a minimum, energy savings to the max. But you also have to do your part.

Please read our policy on sustainable tourism here.

This also covers our

Fair Trade Tribal Tourism mandate.

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Arrive:        AUG12, 2014 - Billings, MT (BIL)

Please note:    Accommodation for the arrival night IS included in your tour price


Depart:        AUG 22, 2014 - Rapid City, SD (RAP)


Cost:          $2995- $3797 per person

  MORE  TOURS FOR 2019 / 2020                    

Gathering of Nations - April 18-26, 2020

Southwestern culture & powwow burst forth every spring in Albuquerque. Now transferred from The Pit to its new outdoor location, the Gathering of Nations is the perfect culmination of a seven day cultural odyssey through the Native Nations of New Mexico. Explore the ancient origins of the Pueblo, Hopi and Navajo cultures, with guides who live traditional lifeways that have been preserved over the millenia.

Native Yellowstone - May 23-29, 2020

The Cheyenne, Kiowa, Shoshone, Bannock, Blackfoot, Arapaho, Nez Perce, and the most recent arrivals, the Crow , are among the twenty-seven tribes with cultural ties  to Yellowstone that each know a different story. Within these archives from ancestral memory is found a common theme – the sacred nature of the land named for the Yellow Rock Water and the connection to place, an ancient compact between the two-legged and four and the earth that sustains but is, as yet, still unmade.

I Am Lakota - May 30 - June 6,  2020

Traverse prairies to the sacred Black Hills, the barren beauty of Mako Sica, the Badlands and spend time on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, following the culture & history of the Lakota through great leaders such as Sitting Bull, Red Cloud and Crazy Horse. 
PLUS  Visit the Northern Cheyenne Reservation. 

Lakota Storyteller - Oct 3-11, 2020

Visit the sacred lands of the Lakota Sioux in the crisp, sunny weather of the fall, starting at the Lakota place of genesis – Wind Cave. Visit Pine Ridge and Wounded Knee, Paha Sapa - the sacred Black Hills, Mako Sica – the Badlands, Bear Butte, and Mato Tipila. All are sacred sites of the Oceti Sakowin and your extraordinary week celebrating Native culture culminates at the biggest powwow of the season – Oglala Nation Powwow!

Walk In Beauty - please enquire for Fall 2020 dates

Navajo philosophy is epitomized by the phrase ‘Walk In Beauty’, from the sacred prayer, the Blessing Way.  Aspiring to that spirit, we enter deep into the cultures and landscapes of the South-western tribal nations; we meet the Navajo, explore the Pueblo cultures, and the ancient wisdom keepers – the Hopi.

Apache - - please enquire for 2020/21 dates

Follow the trails of legendary Apache leaders like Geronimo, whose names and deeds reverberate through the canyons, mountains, and deserts of their homelands. Travel through history on a journey that weaves through traditional Chihuahua Apache heartland of the Dragoon and Chihuahua Mountains learning of the intricacies and diversity within Apache cultures.



Native America; a place full of adventure, culture, history, music, art and fun! And with NDN2rs, one of America’s most well-beloved tourist trails (Yellowstone to the Black Hills) is transformed from road-trip to personal odyssey; America’s Serengeti to the pine-studded Paha Sapa - the Sacred Black Hills. Spend time listening for wolves, looking for bears, learn to interpret ancient messages left in stone, and enjoy hearing indigenous stories and explanations. Then gazing star-ward to the constellations, we find the map of the summer’s ceremonial journey and you are immersed in beauty, native culture and the indigenous phenomenon.

Visit reservations, hear Native flute melodies on the breeze and learn to speak some Lakota. This intertribal, intercultural journey visits the Tipi Capital of the World where the biggest powwow on the Northern Plains rages. Enter the Circle on a journey you will never forget.




Yellowstone National Park       ▲       Pine Ridge Indian Reservation      ▲        The Wild Mustangs     ▲     Crow Fair Powwow        Horseback Riding   ▲     Cheyenne & Crow Indian Reservations  ▲        Mato Tipila - Devils Tower  

The Little Bighorn     ▲    Paha Sapa - The Black Hills    ▲      Rodeo      ▲      Lakota Language Instruction       

Mako Sica - The Badlands    

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