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Go Native America is indebted to some of the finest photographers in the Western Hemisphere. Although many of the fabulous images on this site were captured or snapped by Go Native America, this site features work by many other dedicated and stalwart image makers, and we thank them for all for their hard work in documenting the beauty and spirit of Native America. In addition we occasionally feature snaps taken by our tour members under our terms and conditions.

Although each photo could not be credited 'in situ' for aesthetic reasons we hope we have listed all we used.

In particular Christian and Regula Heeb showed outstanding generosity when they allowed us to use their images ‘for any purpose that would serve to promote Indian people’. View Christian's work at

Additionally we have featured photographic work from:

Bill Groethe

If you believe we are using an image which belongs to you without proper accreditation, please get in touch with us by email here.  We would never purposely or knowingly contravene copyrights, and we will immediately remove and replace any picture that inadvertently does so.


Copyright © 1995-2018 Go Native  All rights reserved. 


All photos and text are protected by copyright laws, as well as the design and "look and feel" of this website.  Any reproduction is strictly prohibited under penalty of law.

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