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Across the Medicine Line

Across the Medicine Line


Glacier National Park ,

Yoho National Park,

Banff National Park, Takkakaw Falls

Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump, Fort Whoop Up, Stoney Nakoda Reservation,

Kananaskis,  Blackfeet Indian Reservation, Many Glacier, Kootenay

Blackfeet Crossing Treaty 7,

Follow the Niitsitapi, the Blackfeet people, from Montana across the Medicine Line into Canada, in the lands where natural wonder is all. Reach the heights of the most spectacular areas of natural beauty in North America, the towering snow-capped blue-mountains of the Canadian Rockies, the Backbone of the World to the Blackfoot Confederacy.


With Blackfoot and Blackfeet history and culture as the “backbone” of this cultural journey, we went our way through three of the Continent’s awe-inspiring national parks, Yoho, Jasper, Banff and Kootenay National Parks, following a trail woven in wisdom that resonates through this beautiful and ancient land, inspired by the Blackfoot/Blackfeet Confederacy, Nakoda/Stoney, Kootenai, and Cree.


1 – Enjoy the land of the Niitsitapi at Browning, the Blackfeet Reservation under Montana’s Big Sky

2 – Glacier National Park, sacred heart of the Blackfeet Nation, Many Glacier, and Two Medicine.

3 – Visit the remarkable Head-Smashed-in-Buffalo Jump, a UNESCO World heritage site and Fort Whoop-up gives you a         strong understanding how it felt to be Blackfeet in a dark historic era.

4 – Enter the Dreaming Place and hear of the relationship between the land and the Siksika people at Blackfoot Crossing.

5 – Enter the realm of the Great Bear, Guardian Spirit of the Blackfeet at Kananaskis Pass

6 – Explore the cultural significance of Lake Minnewanka and Lake Louise.

7 – At Takkakaw Falls find sublime, serenity at the edge of forever in Yoho National Park.

8 – Visit an incredible cultural crossroads, the bastion of trade on the western frontier - Rocky Mountain House.

Where:        Montana, Alberta, British Columbia

When:         To be announced for 2020

Tribes:         Nakota, Blackfeet


Arrive Great Falls, MT 

Depart Calgary, AB


$4197 per person (no single supplement)


Want to save money?
Please check out the tour information below to get more options for pricing.


We don't have a tour extension in Canada, but we can certainly arrange other add-ons.

Please call the office for information 307 699 6015

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This trip is based on single room accommodation with no single supplement.

If you would like info on sharing prices, please call  +1. 307. 699. 6015


Booking your own accommodations?
We rarely choose the cheapest hotels in any area for our trips because we want all tour members to have a comfortable night's sleep, However to save money, some tour members prefer to book their own accommodations, For prices that include transport and guiding only, not hotel accommodation, please call us on +1.307.699.6015 

Is camping available?

No, sorry - this tour moves centers too often for camping to be viable.


Activity Level?

This trip is not a high activity tour, but all participants must be of reasonable fitness and be able to walk uneven paths and to take medium length hikes.


Packing List?

This will be sent to you upon payment of your balance.


Reading List?

This can be sent to you on request once you have made your booking. You do not have to do 'homework' prior to your trip ...but some people like to.



Go Native America is deeply conscious of our responsibility toward Mother Earth and wherever possible we keep miles to a minimum, energy savings to the max. But you also have to do your part. Please read our policy on sustainable tourism here.

This also covers our Fair Trade Tribal Tourism mandate.

 TOUR OVERVIEW -  Across the Medicine Line  


In the frontier days of the Old West Indian tribes of North America called the border between Canada and the US the ‘Medicine Line’ – a name steeped in equal measures of mystique and irony: What man had the right to divide the land and how could a seemingly invisible line do that?

  MORE  TOURS FOR 2019 / 2020                    

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Southwestern culture & powwow burst forth every spring in Albuquerque. Now transferred from The Pit to its new outdoor location, the Gathering of Nations is the perfect culmination of a seven day cultural odyssey through the Native Nations of New Mexico. Explore the ancient origins of the Pueblo, Hopi and Navajo cultures, with guides who live traditional lifeways that have been preserved over the millenia.

Native Yellowstone - May 23-29, 2020

The Cheyenne, Kiowa, Shoshone, Bannock, Blackfoot, Arapaho, Nez Perce, and the most recent arrivals, the Crow , are among the twenty-seven tribes with cultural ties  to Yellowstone that each know a different story. Within these archives from ancestral memory is found a common theme – the sacred nature of the land named for the Yellow Rock Water and the connection to place, an ancient compact between the two-legged and four and the earth that sustains but is, as yet, still unmade.

I Am Lakota - May 30 - June 6,  2020

Traverse prairies to the sacred Black Hills, the barren beauty of Mako Sica, the Badlands and spend time on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, following the culture & history of the Lakota through great leaders such as Sitting Bull, Red Cloud and Crazy Horse. 
PLUS  Visit the Northern Cheyenne Reservation. 

Lakota Storyteller - Oct 3-11, 2020

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Walk In Beauty - please enquire for Fall 2020 dates

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