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Getaways and Short Breaks in Native America


Take a 3-day Discover Trip

Specially created for those with the passion and curiosity to experience Native America, but not the time.

Discover Tours are your best, economical way to pack in as much  cultural exploring as possible, traveling with experienced guides who will optimize your experience for you so that 

you get the best from your three day Native American Getaway.

Discover Yellowstone is All Indian Country

See the 'American Serengetti' through Native American eyes

Discover Cheyenne Reservation, Montana

Explore Native Cheyenne culture and history with Elders  

Discover Lakota -

Travel the Great Sioux Nation lands of Crazy Horse or Sitting Bull.

Discover Powwow!

Immerse yourself in the music, dance and magic of Powwow

Some Discover Tours have set dates because of events like the Little Bighorn Reenactment, or powwows and they are small group trips where you can join our group  by yourself, or bring friends/family. Check the itineraries for available group dates,

or call the office 307 699 6015.

Some Discover Tours are also available as private 3-day tours which you can slot into your own vacation plans, or enjoy as a stand-alone weekend getaway.


You choose the dates that work for you, but please make sure to call and book as soon as possible since the Go Native America calendar fills very quickly.




Spend 3 days in the natural wonderland of Yellowstone, and be introduced to this sacred wilderness through Native eyes, learning the meaning of wolves, grizzlies and other four-leggeds to native cultures, and visiting sites that are sacred to the Lakota, Shoshone, Kiowa, Crow, Piikani... Discover that no less than 26 Native American tribes consider America's Serengeti to be their ancestral land, just imagine the culture, sacred sites and history that ordinary visitors miss! CALL FOR DATES


Three days discovering Lakota culture, art, philosophy, history and lifeways. This trip includes visits to the Sacred Black Hills, the Badlands (usually leaving around 3pm and staying in situ til late night for star-gazing and Lakota Star Knowledge) and Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. This trip books very quickly and always has very limited availability - please call early! +1 307 699 6015


Three days discovering Cheyenne culture, art, philosophy, history and lifeways. Travel to the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation in Montana where you will spend time with a respected elder as he introduces you to his lifeway. Hear of the fabled Dog Soldiers who would tether themselves to the ground by an 8ft rope and fight to the death for their families and people. Learn about Buffalo Calf Trail Woman - how she continues to inspire modern Cheyennes by her act of bravery at the Rosebud...


Three days discovering the culture, regalia , music, art, philosophy and history of POWWOW! One of the most exciting events to be found on the Northern Plains. Choose from: Eastern Shoshone Powwow (June) Northern Cheyenne Powwow (July) Crow Fair (August) Please note: These itineraries are dated to coincide with annual powwows on the Plains. Dates cannot be changed.


Three days discovering Hopi culture, art, philosophy, history and lifeways. Time travel 1400 years back as you discover a culture that remains deeply rooted in the practices and lifeway of the Ancient Ones. Many people on the Mesas still live without electricity or running water. Your time at Hopi will change your perspective for sure.


Three days discovering Navajo culture, art, philosophy, history and lifeways. Visit the capital of the Navajo Nation - Window Rock, the sacred Canyon de Chelly to learn of Spider Woman, and the 8th Wonder of the World - Monument Valley. This trip has very limited availability - please call early! +1 307 699 6015


Three days discovering how Native Arts burst forth from the culture, philosophy, history and lifeways of tribal people. This trip has very limited availability - please call early! +1 307 699 6015


Three days discovering Shoshone, and Cheyenne-Arapaho culture, art, philosophy, history and lifeways on the phenomenal lands of the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming. Visit ancient petroglyph sites and begin to decipher communications from the Old Ones. Hear cultural stories of the creation of the world that will make your spine tingle, and learn the history of two disparate tribes living here side by side. This is an extraordinary opportunity to experience Native American culture.


Three days discovering Pueblo culture, art, philosophy, history and lifeways. This trip has very limited availability - please call early! +1 307 699 6015

Visit powwow with Go Native America - learn what he dances and songs mean
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Extraordinary Native American Tours for people who want to connect with the real Native American Indian Country

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