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What we do

We take you traveling like an insider with Native American guides, visiting the areas where tribal cultures were formed and history was made. You'll learn by experience - meeting Native people, hearing their stories as handed down through generations and witnessing true tribal lifeways.

How we do it

By curating special journeys based on connections . . .

meet Medicine people, powwow dancers, storykeepers, culture-holders tribal historians and dreamers.  We offer you the chance to immerse yourself in the indigenous philosophy embodied by "Mitakuye Oyasin" - All My Relations.

Where you will go

You will visit reservations, cultural sites, historic hotspots and original homelands that are now designated as National Parks. It's a unique chance to visit places that hold tribal stories - the secrets that most tourists miss.


Why it works

. . . because we create the connections you can’t make for yourself.

People travel with us because they want to go places they can’t access alone, meet people they would never otherwise meet, and get an insider’s understanding of cultural, historic or spiritual matters that's off limits to the average tourist.

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Go Native America - for culturally curious travelers who  don't want to be 'tourists'.

Best Tours - home

Best-pick Native American experiences

Native American Yellowstone Buffalo at O
Enter the Circle

Wisdom in the Circle of Creation.

Tribal people called 'The Place of the Yellow Rock Water' home over 10,000 years before the Pilgrims anchored at Cape Cod. Since Yellowstone lands became the first national park in the world, the absence of a tribal presence in Yellowstone has been explained by the myth that Indians feared this vast, pine-robed plateau that is punctuated by thermal wonders from lakeshore to river course.


Supposedly, the geysers engendered such apprehension among tribal people that they would do all they could to avoid this bountiful landscape. But this was, like so much in the reinvention of The West, false.

Join us for a side of Yellowstone that few visitors experience. Despite over 1700 documented Native sites and sacred areas in Yellowstone, the vast majority of visitors leave none the wiser about Native cultures. 

Witness and understand the Native spirit of Yellowstone

Gathering of Nations.jpg

You have to experience POWWOW!


And the Gathering of Nations powwow in Albuquerque, NM is the one you should add to your bucket list.


The Gathering of Nations Trail leads us deep into Native America to appreciate the diverse cultures and landscapes of Southwestern tribal nations, including the Navajo (Dineh), the Pueblo peoples and their ancestors - the Anasazi/Ancient Puebloans.


Experience the transition, yet continuation, of Indian art from ancient petroglyphs to contemporary Native Art Galleries, and become a fleeting part of that circle that is living history as we weave through the awe inspiring beauty of the native nations on this Southwestern odyssey.

Feel the magic of New Mexico and Arizona, visiting Pueblo villages, the Navajo and Hopi peoples and experience for yourself the cultural and spiritual aspects that ordinary tourists miss out on.

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Enter the Circle


Our best-loved, and our longest running Native American tour! 


Journey to some of the most sacred and cultural important places on the plains in the Lakota world.  


Paha Sapa - the sacred Black Hills, Mako Sica - the Badlands, Mato Tipila, the Bear's Lodge (Devil's Tower) and of course to Wounded Knee on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. 

Everything you have ever heard, read or imagined about the history and lifeways of the Plains Indian Nations beckons as you enter the world of the Lakota, people of the Buffalo Nation.


It is through song and dance and storytelling that the culture has survived and though detractors may call indigenous stories ‘myths and legends’, to do so is dismissive of history, culture and values, lived and passed down by the People.


Available May-Oct

This is a historic opportunity to ride horseback across this sacred land.


Truly see the terrain as the warriors and troopers saw it that legendary June day.


Follow the Crow scouts and Custer’s 7th to Medicine Tail Coulee, and then re-trace Crazy Horse’s route from the village to Calhoun Hill, stopping at each significant site within the story of the Little Bighorn Battle.

Pursue Crazy Horse and Custer, White Bull and White-Man-Runs-Him, across the hallowed ground between the National Park Service boundaries at the Reno-Benteen Battlefield and Calhoun Hill. Experience Weir Point on the ride from Cedar Coulee into Medicine Tail Coulee, before descending to the Little Bighorn River, which you will cross at the ford.


Then ride through the Oglala and Cheyenne village area, and then re-cross the Little Bighorn, tracing Crazy Horse’s movements as he led his men up Deep Coulee towards Calhoun Hill.

what people say - home

Maura Devlin

N. Ireland

Oh what a wonderful ‘love affair’ I’ve just had on this Go Native America trip; people, nature, culture, color, music, the families I met . . . and unlike past love affairs this is just the beginning and on-going nurture

of a new-found love.

Alexandra Ferguson

(Travel Journalist)
The Telegraph, UK

When our guides spoke,

the People – their history, their culture, their present-day strife – found a voice.   On the battlefields, they conjure the thunder of hooves and the rattle of rifle fire; and at the sacred sites, even the rocks

began to sing...

Reg Sutherland


We got an in-depth history of The People and the ancient ones, their myths, sacred places, trials and tribulations, and their survival despite the odds against them.  

I can't pretend to have taken it all in but now at least I have a better understanding of the people and their country.  Our travelling companions and our native hosts were hospitable, humorous, adventurous, congenial, interesting and made the tour a trip of a lifetime for Sue and I.

Mattias Borg


I would like to thank you for an awesome trip to the Native lands!   I learned a lot more about the Native way of living than I ever thought possible! The 3 days in Yellowstone were crazy!!  I have never experienced anything like that before, and as you know,  I was most glad to see the wolf and the bear. I especially liked the horse riding at the Little Big Horn, I think that was the best thing I have done in a very long time.  It was like I always dreamed of . . .  

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Extraordinary Native American Tours for people who want to connect with the real Native American Indian Country

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